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Nemesis Temple devotes hours of work every day on  these subjects. Here they are.

P.S. Some of the tricks mentioned herein require a Gameshark. If you do not have a Gameshark or cannot afford one, use an emulator.



Glitch Pokemon 175-255 & Missingno

The Afterlife & Evil Spirits

Glitch City



Missingno & Glitch Pokemon 253-255

The Amazing Wild Egg



Missingno & Glitch Pokemon 390

Going Into Battle With No Pokemon Whatsoever



In Pokemon Red, there are only 151 Pokemon, right? Well. that's WRONG! There are actually 255 Pokemon, but most are just messed up glitches. Why is that? Well, Pokemon is based off hexadecimal (base 16) code. The smallest number possible in base 16 is 255. So, the fewest number for a certain variable, including the number of Pokemon in the game, is 255. These extra Pokemon are commonly referred to as Pokegods, but there is nothing godly about them. The highest "actual" Pokemon value is B9, which stands for Oddish. Anything above B9 is either a trainer, invalid quantifier, or wild glitch.

As for Missingno, there should always be a #000 for every Pokemon game.

P.S. For those of you who don't know how to find Missingno, here's how:

1. Talk to the guy in Viridian who shows you how to catch a ookemon. Let him show you, then go to Cinnabar and surf along the coast. OR

2. Trade with someone on Cinnabar (maybe the guy who gives you a Seel for a Ponyta) and surf along the coast.

This Research Document documents all my research on this topic. Download it now!

Download the Research Document


P.P.S. There is also a glitch involving Escape Ropes/Dig/Teleport. Take note of the letters your character becomes in the process:


P.P.P.S. There is yet another glitch involving the surfing on the coast in Cinnabar and the gym.



Not in Pokemon do you hear people talk about spirits and the afterlife. Yet, in Pokemon Red Version, there is evidence that an afterlife actually exists. Since scientific findings are null without evidence, here's some pictures.

Plus, how else would there be a purified, protected zone?

 Also look at what happens when you defeat the Marowak-



There is an extra city in Pokemon Red. It is called Glitch City and here is how to get to it:

Step 1: Go to the Safari Zone And walk a while.

Step 2: Go out and hear the guy say, Leaving early?

Step 3: Save your game.

Step 4: Restart and go out again. This time he'll say, Welcome to the safari zone. Do you want to join the hunt? Say no.

Step 5: Go to Cinnabar and surf along the coast.

Step 6: When Pa says ding-dong, exit out and find yourself in glitch city.

Glitch City looks somewhat like this:


Also, if you go to Cycling Road instead of Cinnabar, you go to a gigantic, neverending GYM.




     After five long years, Missingno's back and more glitchy than ever!!! You heard me right!!!! Missingno's baaaaack and bad to the bone!!!! Sadly, though, there is only one Missingno type left as far as I know. Take a look at these pictures:

Like Red's 'M, this Pokemon is still alive after it's caught.


I have something to add to Genesis' report. Theire is Missingno, plus 2 other Glitch Pokemon, somewhat like the Glitches in Red.

Unlike Missingno, it does not stay alive after caught, but look like it, except for #255 ,which looks like:

My idea is that, like stated in the Red Missingno report, there must be 255 Pokemon, so these others are like the glitch pokemon in Red. Here are the Pokedex entries for the others:

When they are caught, you go to a Glitch City like this:

The Gameshark codes used to get these Pokemon are:

#000  0100EDD0

#254  01FEEDD0

#255  01FFEDD0


The Mysterious Pokemon otherwise known as the Egg!!!!!!!by Genesis

    I would bet you $386,000,000,000 that you think the only way to get an egg is to get it from Prof.Elm or the daycare, right?

WRONGO, buster!!! You can catch a wild egg in the grass easy peasy!!!! The only way you can do it for sure is with Gameshark™. The egg is probably there because for an egg to be in your party, it needs to be a Pokemon because only Pokemon can be in your party. So, the Egg is probably a placeholder. Here are some pictures of the egg.

The Gameshark code used to find this egg was 01FDEDD0.


Missingno Returns with a Vengeance!!! by Nemesis

Okay, so you were surprised by the presence of a Missingno in Pokemon Gold, right? Well, here's another shock - it's in all the games. Even the "advanced" versions, Ruby and Sapphire, haven't been able to shake it out. Surprisingly, Missingno's Pokedex entry is in English, not the $*@)&$(# Glitch language the others speak. Take a look.

Also, the mysterious Pokemon #390, Missingno's buddy, is here too.

Pokemon #390's entry is composed mainly of accented A's and O's, like those in languages like Spanish and French. Even the great Nemesis was surprised  to see those! The Gameshark cheats used to find these Pokes are as follows:

Missingno(000): CE97AB70 EC01B132

390: CBD2E675 36131AFD


The Secret of ?????????? and the Bad Egg by Nemesis

Nemesis did a little peeking at what happens when you go into a Pokemon battle without any Pokemon. First of all, we found out you send out the Missingno (see last report) and it has 0 of everything. Take a look:

A look at its status reveals that it is a zero. Note the FNT status.

We delved deeper and discovered a bad egg hidden among the zeroes. Somehow the egg is fainted.

More delving leads us to another bad egg, this time with a good contition:

Note the image.

The walk-thru-walls cheat we used to sneak past that nosy man at Littleroot was CE2CCCB2 5D8D815D.

P.S. Maybe ?????????? laid the egg(s).




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